Reasons not to pay someone to edit your CV

There are a lot of businesses out there offering paid for CV editing services, here a few things you might want to consider before taking your wallet out.

Do they really understand what you do? 

Unless they have some special affiliation to your industry it’s unlikely that they really understand the ins and outs of your job and this means it is going to be hard for them to understand what you should be shouting about on your CV. There is of course a lot to be talked about in terms of how you present the information on your CV but unless you are applying for a CV formatting job, the main thing is always going to be the content!

Do they know much about the people who will be reviewing your CV?

Again, they are not going to know much if anything about the people ultimately reviewing your application. So how can they help you tailor it when each recipient might be looking for something different.

How much do they know about you?

In most cases services are provided online, without any conversation. Without understanding anything about you, your personal and career ambitions, then how are they going to understand how to tailor the details you present in your CV?

Why pay for it when you can get it reviewed for free?

Any recruiter you are working with should be able to answer YES to all of the above questions AND should be more than happy to review your CV for free, in fact it is likely that they will be tailoring your CV for all the roles they represent you for.

If you do want some more generic advice on how to layout your CV and what to include in it (it’s not rocket science) then please see our article here.

Posted by: AJ Fox Compliance