9 ways to optimise your workspace

With the second national lockdown of the coronavirus pandemic now in progress, take a moment to make sure your workspace at home is optimised to facilitate the best mood, concentration, and productivity, as well as keeping you safe and comfortable.

1. Find a quiet, private space

Choose a space in your home where you can concentrate. Ideally, this would be a spare room where you can close the door to the noise and distractions of the household and create a calm and private workspace for yourself. If you haven’t got one, consider some noise-cancelling headphones!

2. Invest in a chair

It’s much easier to keep up your concentration and work productively when your back is well supported, so it’s important to have a proper office chair in your home workspace. Ask your firm if they’ll pay for this, as it’s likely they will. If not, consider using the money you’re saving on travel to invest in your safety and comfort! Working in an uncomfortable chair can cause back injuries, so this is worth taking seriously.

3. Have a dedicated desk

If possible, get yourself a desk that you use only for work. That way, you can maintain your optimal workspace set up without having to clear the table and put your work things away at dinner time. This also gives you the opportunity to separate your work and personal time well, by leaving your work phone and laptop on your desk at the end of the workday.

4. Use a monitor

Improve your posture by using a monitor, situated at eye level to avoid slouching and bending forward to see your screen. If a monitor isn't an option, consider a laptop stand instead to raise your screen to eye level.

5. Get a keyboard and a mouse

Make sure your hands, wrists and arms are working optimally by using a keyboard and a mouse, separate from your laptop. Using your laptop's trackpad all day every day can cause havoc with your hands and wrists, a mouse and a mouse mat with wrist support will be much more comfortable.

6. Light your space well

Ideally, position your desk near a window with plenty of natural light. Consider adding a desk lamp too, which will be especially useful during the winter months when darkness creeps in well before the end of the workday.

7. Keep it clean and tidy

Declutter your desk regularly and make sure you clean your surfaces, keyboard and mouse too. A clear desk can do wonders for your concentration, so invest in some clever storage solutions to keep clutter to a minimum.

8. Bring the outside in

Get some nature into your room with indoor plants. Having some green in your home workspace is a great way to boost your mood, and purify the air as well. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, cacti and succulents are really easy to care for and don’t need much attention.

9. Decorate your space

Hang some artwork above your desk to make your home office a nice and pleasant place to be. You could put up some inspirational or motivational quotes too to keep you on track!

There you have it, 9 ways to optimise your home workspace.

Happy working from home!

Posted by: AJ Fox Compliance