The 6 best questions to ask after an interview

Asking questions at the end of an interview is a must. It shows the panel that you are interested, engaged and invested in taking the role if it’s offered to you. If they don’t believe this, they’ll be very unlikely to offer it to you!

Prepare some questions in advance and make sure to ask at least one or two when prompted. It’s an opportunity to get more information about the firm, the office environment and the role, as well as to show more of your personality, and maybe even drop in some extra details of your relevant and valuable experience.

1. What’s day-to-day life like here?

This question shows a genuine interest in the firm and the role, which will reassure the interviewer that you’re invested in your application. It will also tell both sides that you’ll fit in well and enjoy the job, which means you’ll be more likely to stay for the long haul!

2. What is the firm’s 5 year plan?

Getting a sense of the firm's plans for their future and growth will help you know whether it's right for you or not. The interview isn't just about you being right for the role, the role also has to be right for you!

3. Why do you enjoy working here?

A great way to build rapport with the interviewer or panel and to find out more about the firm. It shows interest and enthusiasm about the firm, and will tell your interviewer that you are keen to join their team.

4. How did you get into Risk & Compliance?

Showing an interest in the specific field of Risk & Compliance will demonstrate your commitment to the area, and may even reveal some common ground between you and your interviewer, which is never a bad thing.

5. Is there anything else about me/my experience that it would be helpful for you to know?

This question gives the interviewer a last chance to bring up any concerns they may have about your competency or personality, and you an opportunity to reassure them and assert why you are the best candidate for the job. You’ll be able to give further examples of your work, skills and qualities that will benefit your application, and hopefully secure you the role!

6. What are the firm’s plans and policies around COVID-19?

It’s good to get an idea of how the firm is performing, and whether it has been negatively impacted by the pandemic. You’ll also find out what the policy around flexible working is, whether you’ll be required to come into the office, and whether anyone has been furloughed. It might be a bad idea to move into a new firm if they’ve been seriously affected by the pandemic.

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Posted by: AJ Fox Compliance