Considering moving to London for your next role? Here's what not to worry about

Are you considering moving to London for your next role but not sure if it’s worth it? Is it all it’s cut out to be? Are people really that much meaner? Can you afford it? Will you progress faster? Will you make friends?

Here are all the things you don't need to worry about!

Are there more jobs?

There are hundreds of law firms in the UK, and a large amount of the top 100 are based in London. Over the years, more firms have created business services hubs in some regional cities such as Leeds, Sheffield, and Newcastle, and they’ll have their Risk & Compliance teams there. However, the majority of these kinds of teams are still based in London. This means there are simply more roles to fill in the bigger city, and therefore more opportunities for learning and advancement within that larger team.

Can I afford it?

The simple answer is yes. While TFL travel cards and the extra rent do add up, you will be compensated by a London role for these extra expenses. You can expect approximately £5,000 to £7,000+ more on top of your regional salary for a Junior Risk & Compliance role in London. This will cover higher rents and additional travel costs and should leave you no worse off than you were in the regional office. If you want to cut costs to make sure, consider cycling to work or sharing a house with other young professionals.

Can’t I just work remotely?

While many firms will be offering at least some remote working for the foreseeable future, it’s much harder to learn the ropes of a junior role remotely. The day-to-day collaborations and conversations that happen between the Risk & Compliance team in the office will be invaluable to you, and you'll learn by osmosis by being present with the team rather than in isolation at home. This will help you understand the role and what’s expected of you in much more depth than quick emails and weekly Zoom meetings. You’ll get more out of the role if you’re there in person, especially while you’re learning. 

Will my career benefit?

While this can’t be guaranteed, and of course it's possible to thrive and progress in any location, you’ll certainly have all the tools you need at your fingertips. You'll enjoy a big, busy, bustling office and a larger team, filled with contacts to make, relationships to nurture, and skills to learn. The more senior and qualified people around you, the more you can glean from them, and the more networking you can do!

Will I enjoy it?

London is absolutely overflowing with culture and excitement. There’s music, theatre, food, comedy, sport, nature, history, and so much more. The city is the perfect place to find new hobbies and make new friends; the possibilities are endless. There’s always somewhere new or different to visit for a drink or a snack, as well as someone to go with! Check out Time Out London to find out what’s going on each week.

Will I have support?

Your recruiter will be on hand to support you in any way you need to help ease the transition. A good recruiter won't just find you a role and then abandon you, they'll be in your corner for the long-term, supporting you with any issues that may come up. Your new firm will be able to help too, by integrating you quickly into the team and giving you the tools you need to succeed.

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Posted by: AJ Fox Compliance