What to expect from us

Welcome to the AJ Fox Compliance network! We're so happy you're here. Whether you’ve known us for a while or you’re new to the party, we’d like to give you some information about how we work and what you can expect from us.

Getting to know you

Maybe you applied for a job on our website or a third-party jobs board like Reed or perhaps were introduced to us by a friend or colleague. Alternatively, you might have connected with one of our consultants on LinkedIn. However we meet, we’ll be keen to get to know you better!

We'll get in touch for a chat on the phone to learn more about you. We'll go through your CV in fine detail and discuss your career plan and how we can help you achieve your goals. Initial get to know you calls can last anywhere between 20 to 60 minutes depending on your career path and level of experience.

If you're just starting out, we'll also send you some information about the Law Firm Risk & Compliance career path.

Submitting your CV

When a role comes in that you're suitable for, we'll give you a ring to discuss sending your CV over to the firm. This could be in a matter of days, or a few weeks or months down the line, depending on what comes up.

If you see a role you want to apply for advertised directly on a firm’s website it’s always a good idea to give us a ring before you submit your application. If we’re already working with them, we will have a direct relationship with the HR team and the hiring manager, so we can help get your CV seen by the right people. We can speak to them and explain exactly why they should interview you, something you can’t get by applying directly. We can also answer any questions they might have which are preventing them from inviting you for interview, or clarify any points of confusion. You simply would not get the chance to do this in a direct application.

However, if you have already applied to a law firm directly, we can still offer you support. We’re not just interested in placing you in your next role, we’re here for your whole career. So, if you need some interview coaching and we’re not representing you, we’ll still be there to help.

If you’re not sure if we’re working on a role or with a particular firm, just ask! Drop any of our consultants a Whatsapp, an email, or a message on LinkedIn to find out. You can also call our office any time on 0207 117 2542.

Is there a particular firm you dream of working at? Let us know! You never know who we might be in touch with.

Giving you feedback

If we receive any feedback about your CV we'll be in touch as soon as we can. The reality is that we are probably chasing our clients for feedback even harder than you are chasing us! Generally, we only receive feedback on CVs that are advanced to interview and we only get confirmation that other applications have been unsuccessful once the role is filled.

If you don't hear from us, it doesn't mean it's bad news, it might just be no news yet. Application processes can be very, very slow.

Don't hesitate to text or call your consultant for an update. They’ll be happy to let you know what’s going on in the process and how long you can expect to wait.

Unfortunately, it’s rare that we receive any feedback on CVs that aren’t advanced to interview. However, we’re well placed to help you improve your CV or advise you if there’s any other experience you need to get to increase your chances next time.

Preparing for an interview

If the firm want to progress your application to the interview stage, we'll get in touch to find out your availability over the coming weeks. Please give us as many options as possible to speed this process along.

Your interview may be virtual or in-person at the firm’s offices, and may also involve an additional task or test. Don’t worry, we’ll help you prepare for this too!

Once an interview slot is confirmed, we’ll send you all the details to confirm and make sure you have everything you need.

Once your interview is booked, your consultant will spend 30 to 60 minutes on the phone helping you prepare and conducting a mock interview. They'll also send you some valuable information to guide your preparation for your interview.

After your interview, the firm will get in touch with us to let us know how it went. They’ll pass on any feedback for you and tell us if they’d like to progress your application to a second stage interview. If it’s a no this time, we’ll help you iron out any issues that may have come up, and improve your CV or interview skills for the next interview.

Do you have a question? Give our team a call on 0207 117 2542, email us at jobs@ajfoxcompliance.com, or you can find your consultant's contact details here.

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