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    We take a different approach.


    We could list all of the vacancies currently open, just like other agencies, but we like to take a much longer term approach. We want to look after you in relation to all the opportunities you might want to consider and we are keen to build long-lasting ongoing relationships with our candidates. We have listed below the types of role we recruit for and we will have more or less of these roles to discuss at any one time (and many more). However if you don't at first see what you are looking for, you might be looking for a "left-field role", we deal with these too, so get in touch and let's talk.

    The Conflicts Analyst/Lawyer

    Can't we all just get along?

    Conflicts Analysts and Lawyers play a crucial role in identifying, mitigating and avoiding Legal, Commercial and Confidentiality Conflicts with which a firm may be faced. Sometimes this requires an in-depth understanding of the legal mechanisms involved in the provision of a particular piece of advice in order that the point of potential conflict can be identified in the first place.

    The AML Analyst/Lawyer

    Crime fighting Superheroes

    AML Analysts and Lawyers are a crucial part of the growing global effort to reduce funding for terrorism as well as preventing the use of laundered money and the proceeds of crime. You could say they are crime-fighting superheroes. AML Analysts and Lawyers endeavour to make sure they know who the client actually is through client due diligence. Sometimes this can be complex when the beneficiary of the legal advice is sat behind a complex corporate structure perhaps involving trusts. Roles within AML will usually involve checking Sanctions lists and checking for Politically Exposed Persons or PEPs.

    The Business Acceptance Analyst/Compliance Officer/Lawyer

    If your name is not on the list you're not coming in

    In some departments professionals work across all aspects of the Business Acceptance process and deal with AML, Conflicts and wider risk issues within one role.

    The Generalist Risk Lawyer/In-House Lawyer

    Every day is different

    Risk Lawyers may be involved in Business Acceptance related risk management but they can also undertake wider roles looking after terms of engagement, third party commercial terms, as well as looking at new regulations in order to create policies and implement firm-wide training to maintain the compliance of the firm. Often considered the In-House lawyers of the law firm.

    The PI Lawyer

    When the proverbial hits the fan.

    No-one is perfect, sometimes Lawyers get things wrong, sometimes they leave things on trains that they shouldn't be leaving on trains! The PI Lawyer works to minimise and manage complaints, to deal with claims when they arise, and when necessary to take the required actions to make claims against clients. PI Lawyers usually work closely with the firm's Insurers.

    The Head of Risk & Compliance

    Pulling it all together

    Risk and Compliance functions are evolving and they need forward thinking sharp minded individuals to both protect the firm and provide value from this crucial business services function. Increasingly Risk and Compliance is seen as an area in which the larger firms can add a competitive advantage looking to leverage the deep knowledge of the firms client base to work closely with business development and other teams to not only save money, but potentially help generate fees as well .

    The Left-fielder

    It's a strange world

    Risk and Compliance in law firms is still a developing space and as such no two roles are exactly a like. Different firms approach compliance in different ways. We work on everything and anything that is risk and compliance focused so if you don't feel you fit into any of the above categories we can still help.

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